Why do women always have cold hands and feet?

Most people in Hong Kong experience cold hands and feet, especially women who lack exercise; however, many of them do not even know the root cause. Let’s take a look at the causes and possible solutions.

Causes of cold hands and feet

From a TCM perspective, icy-cold extremities may be caused by poor connection of yin-yang. It is commonly believed that only people with ‘cold’ body type suffer from this problem. In fact, there are many reasons which may lead to the problems, for example qi stagnation, blood stasis and indigestion. Additionally, people who are depressed, stressed or lacks exercise are more prone to cold hands and feet due to blood and qi obstruction inside the body. Furthermore, excessive eating does not only affect the digestive system but also leads to qi obstruction which causes cold hands and feet. We should look deeper into the problem before blindly taking supplements.

Health improvement tips

How can we tackle the problem? First of all, exercise helps to increase qi and blood circulation, so we should get enough exercises even though we work in an office environment. Besides, staying happy and avoiding stressful situations are also important. If you want to improve the situation through TCM, you should consult a CMP to seek professional advice.

Drink recommendation

Dried longan and red jujube tea

Ingredients (1 serving)

Barbary Wolfberry Fruit 10g

Dried Longan 10g

Red Jujube 4pcs


Steep all the ingredients in boiling water for 20-30minutes. Add a little rock sugar if desired.

Suitable for people who have icy-cold extremities, aversion to cold, preference for warmth and qi-blood vacuity.

Rose tea

Ingredients (1 serving)

Rose petals 6g


Steep the rose petals in boiling water. People with symptom of dry mouth and bitter taste can additionally add Chrysanthemi Flos (6g) to the drink.

Suitable for people who have following symptoms: icy-cold extremities, aversion to heat, breast pain before menstruation, bloating, liver depression and qi stagnation.